But isn't personal branding for individuals?

It is amazing to see how these businesses started to realise the importance of personal branding. Personal branding may have been used to refer an individual in the past, but not any more.

There are few advantages.-  

1. Having a #personalbrand definitely has a sense of trust and you are documenting things on #socialmedia platforms. Therefore, people will connect with you, trust you and possibly they would like you if the content is valuable and sure a little bid of charisma helps (Think on the lines of Kylie Jenner)  

2. It is very easy to close never ending loops and it makes potential investors or partners reach you easily, than them giving up because they feel there are so many hurdles before they reach the decision maker.

3. It is very easy for you to leverage your personal brand when it comes to launching new businesses. Full video below.Please share your thoughts and if you have any questions pertaining to hashtag#DigitalMarketing will be more than happy to take them .

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