A few things you should know

  1. Digital Titans' sole purpose is to provide businesses with all the updates that take place in the Digital Marketing eco-system. (useful for Digital Marketing practitioners too)
  2. Equip businesses with the necessary information and strategies that could help a great deal when executed correctly.
  3. Ensure we focus upon the trending topics, tools that businesses can readily use to refer and get the job at hand done.
  4. The vision is to become a one stop shop where all businesses (across geographies) can use to get to know everything about Digital Marketing space with out getting lost by falling prey to exciting and click bait headlines where people trick users to gain traffic.

Behind the scenes

Tons of research goes into bringing you fresh content which satiates the thirst for new updates / trends while bringing to you the strategies and techniques that you could dispose when you need them.

This is something we would have loved to have. " One centralised resource providing everything that's happening around the Digital Marketing space.

P.S We know we have taken up something big. With something like this, until things get streamlines there may be a few delays here and there. But then, accurate information is any day better than vague info first.

Next up, the author

My name is Krishna Chaitanya and I have been a Digital Marketer from 2006. An ex employee of Google India Pvt. Ltd, a Digital Marketing trainer, consultant and a speaker.

Hit me up at kc@titans.digital