Become a Google Ads Titan [Lifetime Upgrade] by Krishna Chaitanya

Become a Google Ads Titan [Lifetime Upgrade]

Advanced Google Ads Titan Course (Expert Level)

Why is this course recommended?

This course is recommended because, all the course contents include practical step by step process of executing things practically.
1. Nobody cares how good an orator you are. What matters  is how holistic is your understanding.
2. Stand out with unparalleled practical knowledge, perfect strategising, and a solid analysing skills.
3. No-End curriculum. Updated as long as Google makes modifications to their ads.
4. All the discussions and topics are put in context with apt examples and case studies.
5. Support 5 days a week.
Welcome to becoming a Google Ads Titan. You are not very far away from becoming one.

How do you go about this course?

The no nonsense approach to how this course should be done. It's very easy. Watch, Rewatch, Create and associate the learning with Case-Studies. WRCC.

What's included?

Video Icon 31 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 3 text files


Introduction to Digital Titans - Advanced Google Ads Course
28 mins
Where do Google Ads show
21 mins
Google AdWords Signup Process. Most recent interface
Understanding your adwords campaign.mp4
20 mins
Google AdWords / Ads Basic Terminology
20 mins
Life Cycle of Google Ads / Google AdWords
12 mins
AdWords Account Structure
13 mins
Search / Display / Search & Display Campaigns & What to choose
30 mins
Search Versus Display - The Big Difference
18 mins
Google Ads Bidding Options
15 mins
Google Ads Bidding Strategies - In Depth
18 mins
Keyword Matching Options - Define what you want to show your ads for.
17 mins
Finally, let's create a first campaign
18 mins
Finding Keywords? Can't get better than this
33 mins
Ad Extensions get you to the next level. Know how to use them.
32 mins
Create your own keyword multiplier
12 mins
Display Ads Creation & Working
35 mins
Google AdWords Editor- The Secret Weapon
25 mins
Grouping Keywords is as important as finding them
15 mins
AdsPreview & Change History tools
10 mins
Conversion Tracking AdWords - How many things have I sold today?
35 mins
Search Terms Report - The perfect way to keep finding new keyword variations.
30 mins
Working with Google Call Only Ads - Complete Hands on
23 mins
A champion advertiser with no strategy will surely fail.
41 mins
Did you know there are Google Hotel Ads?
7 mins
Handling Multiple Google Ads Accounts with a Manager Account (MCC)
26 mins
Youtube Outstream Ads
13 mins
Youtube Advertising gets better
31 mins
23 mins
Creating Effective Ad Text - Google Search
19 mins
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Pre Intro.mp4
5 mins
What is Google Analytics? What's the difference between Conversation Tracking and Google Analytics
9 mins
Link Google Ads account with Analytis
Tracking Google Ads data
Exclusice Case Studies [Coming Up]
How to advertise a local business with Google ads

Google Ads Ultimate Course.

Google Ads along with all the other platforms is going through a major overhaul. How often? Almost, everyday.  Learning Google ads is one part of it, while understanding how to form a  strategy, analysing real-time data, finding patterns and getting insights into different metrics is another side of the story.

How will learn the most practical aspects of Google Ads and the best part is this is a constantly updated course. Every week we add 2 new sessions and you get free upgrades. Assignments, case studies, Google AdWords case studies will help you stand out from the rest of the practitioners.

Find training that gives enables you to succeed with the right tools  no matter your expertise or background -- whether you're new to online advertising or a seasoned pro. Once you sign in, you can access courses on all of Google ads and digital marketing best practices.
Become the next Google Ads Titan.

The name is KC. An ex Googler, Learner First, then a Trainer.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
Albert Einstein

Welcome to my online Digital Marketing classroom.
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How is this different from the previous free courses?

The previous courses were advanced at some point in time. With Digital Marketing becoming more dynamic these skills have become basic. 
Advanced is not enough anymore. Hence, the .Expert level course.