The name is KC. An ex Googler, Learner First, then a Trainer.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
Albert Einstein

Welcome to my online Digital Marketing classroom.
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Why this course?

Digital sphere is not what it was before. It is a moving target now and it's difficult to hit the target. Here is why you should consider this:

1. Constant updates (at least thrice a week)
2. New sessions each week
3. Live Cases, Realtime exposure

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What's new in Digital?

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Become a Google Ads Titan [Lifetime Upgrade]

Now that you have enrolled in my free training programs and familiarised yourself with the basics and if you done it right, you have successfully achieved the expertise of an 'intermediate level' specialist. Well, you stop growing when you stop learning. How about stepping up the game a bit: Here is my upcoming content for the 'Advanced Google Ads Titan Course (Expert Level)' Preregister now and be eligible for the early discounts. This course will be the best of the best version of Google ads. Everything from advanced concepts, handling complicated daily tasks to drive results aggressively, Case studies, Updates and new features etc. You don't want to miss this. Cheers, KC

Complete Digital Marketing Toolkit

Imagine drinking water with a fork :) Not trying to be stupid, but telling you how much right tools matter. However difficult the task at hand may be, right tools always make life simpler. How do you keep up with the pace when a new tool gets launched every now and then. There are same tools that perform the same task, what do you choose how do you choose and so on. That's what this module deals with. Tools across all platforms at your finger tips. Lifetime Upgrade.

Complete Digital Marketing Bundle

This is a course which is an ultimate Digital marketing course including Google Ads/Analytics/Social media etc. This would be a course that would keep updating anything that you have to do with Google ads forever. Update frequency for new sessions and content would be weekly. Each week you can expect new sessions to be added. This series take care of employment needs and business needs (in case you want to use Digital Marketing to scale your business).

Free Google AdWords Preview Course.

Learn Complete Google AdWords (Google Ads). Training for everyone who wants to understand the daily activities of a PPC specialist. From creating campaigns to analysing them to keeping an eye on your business goals is what you will be learning. Cheers.

Social Media Titan

Social Media though might not seem to be as big as PPC, has become the blood of any business today and undoubtedly will continue to be so in the future. If PPC is the exterior, Social Media is like the nervous system that coordinates the exterior and maintains balance. Ignoring this would not be an intelligent move. As you may already know how things are changing everyday, who would help you stay on tracking by adding relevant content ever week at a nominal monthly subscription of $29 ? This series would include everyday updates in Social Media, new features, upgrades, case-studies, social media strategies and a weekly addition of new modules (training videos). After all, digital media learning is a never ending process.